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  • Why LED Lighting Solution


    Technology is changing lives at a pace never before witnessed in all of human history, and with it, the way we see the world. More than a hundred years ago the incandescent filament brought illumination to the night, multiplying human productivity at an e

  • Solar Systems


    We design the system to still give you a certain amount of back up at any time. Whatever is harvested from the sun is used first as your energy source and when you run out of sun power, a Seamless transfer of power takes place to State Grid Corporation po

  • Things to Know about LED Lights


    LEDs are becoming progressively more popular in the marketplace. LED Lighting is a successful alternative to incandescent in both commercial and residential lighting applications because these lights are extremely energy-efficient, hold long lives, small

  • The Light Emitting Diode Principle and Behavior


    A light source used for general lighting is characterized by: →its color temperature or its position on the chromaticity diagram (see point 1.4) →its color rendering →its luminous flux

  • Solar cell efficiency


    Solar cell efficiency refers to the portion of energy in the form of sunlight that can be converted via photo voltaic into electricity.



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