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A misunderstanding: the higher the better brightness for LED torch flashlight, which is on the brightness to eat, so many people are understanding, also not on! Bright also must have a limit, a commonly used flashlight too, reflective bowl diameter generally about 20MM, another is 27MM around. Can be found in the reflective bowl diameter is not great, brightness reaches a certain degree, even improve, range is no obvious increase, because the reflector reflecting efficiency is fixed!

Most people in the choice of flashlight when only care about just the brightness index, which is the size of a number of lumens! In fact, the reflective bowl is the most important thing. A good condensing effects, reflecting the high efficiency reflecting bowl than directly increase the brightness of the bulb to the more obvious. In general, larger diameter, depth of the deep bowl range and condensing effect is better. 

There are a lot of people think that the LED lamp is very fierce, indeed, but it is not reflective bowl, the scattered light, the disadvantage of low brightness caused by flak. But now, most LED is the blue spectrum ( some say he is white, is actually an illusion ), we all know why the sky is blue, because blue light penetrating the weakest, easy scattering in the air, so the LED birth defects is no ordinary incandescent lamp far range!

But now there is a big power LED, we can often see 1W, 2W, 3W, and even 5W, 7W flashlight, the LED high brightness, high power, because of the use of a reflector or lens so far range the perfect spot! But because it is the blue light so the resulting poor penetration natural habit has not changed much, but basically can meet the use, after all, low energy consumption, heat a small, general endurance can be achieved 4-5 hours, while the ordinary incandescent flashlight only 1 hours or less! Of note is the large power LED inside also has the difference, not all are the blue spectrum, it is hoped that the amber LED!

LONEN rechargeable LED flashlight with high brightness bulb, aluminum reflector cup, high capacity battery, day light and long distance.



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