Guidelines to Buying A Portable Fan

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Guidelines to Buying A Portable Fan

Portable fans move the air in a room and thereby create a cooling breeze. Some types of fans are small enough to fit on a desktop. Other types are so big that they take up the bottom portion of a window. Each type of fan has specific recommended uses. As there’re many different types of portable fan, like blower fan, desk fan, tower fan etc, the customer should be clear on where to use the fan when making the purchase. For example, an industrial fan surely is not necessarily a good choice for a small living room. 

To help the buyer to select a suitable portable fan, here're some tips that worth consideration when you have to make a choice among different portable fans.

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ZICLONEN fan provides all types of AC/DC or DC fan for option. Fans that run on batteries are relatively new to the market cause most of the fans in the market only use AC electric power. So why battery operated fan? Sometimes we walk on the street or in the subway to work or back home in the suffocated hot summer, a small handy fan can save us from the high temperature. Or imagine on a hot summer evening, a power outage suddenly cut down all power electricity. At the moment, battery operated fan shows its outstanding advantage. 

The battery operated fan that is best for you really depends on your personal requirements. We provide 16 inch pedestal fan that offers higher speeds and power as well as bigger battery capacity, furthermore, with 3 ways to charge or use: AC adapter, solar and 12V car battery. Desk fan requires extended battery life, stability and additional emergency function like lighting. Here we mainly have 5 models for option: 2 models of 14 inch table fan, 1 model of 12 inch and 2 models of 8 inch desk fan, equipped with either lithium battery or lead-acid battery. For Hand fan, most important is that can fit in a pocket, bag or lightweight enough to hold in hand. Other options including clip fan that can fix on someplace, or car fan that can grip on a windshield with suction cup, and USB fan that can run on lithium battery / USB / Power bank with USB cable. Kindly refer to ZICLONEN fan item catalog and details for fan purchasing guidelines:

Pedestal AC/DC Fan

Table AC/DC Fan

Medium Size DC Fan

Mini Hand Fan / USB Fan

12V Vehicle Car Fan



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