Which is the most cost-effective light source?

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Currently, incandescent lamps are phasing out of the market, instead energy saving lamps, LED lights become the mainstream and more and more popular. However, some people still prefer incandescent lamps because of the cheap price. The question is, who is the most cost-effective, incandescent lamp, energy saving lamps or LED lights?

COST PERFORMANCE: LED Lights≈Energy Saving Lamp´╝×Incandescent Lamp

A family commonly use 5-6 hours for lighting. If it costs RMB 0.6 per kilowatt, we will find that a 40W incandescent lamp will cost RMB 47.98 in electricity according to general power consumption. A 10W energy saving lamp will cost RMB 10.69, while a 5W LED only costs RMB 9.25. Obviously, the use of incandescent lamp is the most uneconomical and cost ineffective. LED light costs more than energy saving lamp, but it saves more money on electricity bill.

Nanchang Aeronautical University Physics Experiment Center MR ZHU said, according to the national standard GB / T 9473-2008 "Read and Write Operation Lamp Performance Requirements", the minimum illumination is 250lx, if the table lamp is 300mm height from the desktop. According to "Interior Lighting Design Requirements," interior decoration is 300~750lx commonly. For high reflection coefficient part like white wall, 300lx is enough. Therefore, whether used as indoor lighting source or light source of desk lamp, the incandescent lamp and energy saving lamp as well as LED light can meet the requirements in terms of brightness.

Experts recommend students use LED light

Zhu also said that although LED light is as cost-effective as energy saving lamp, he suggested that students use LED table lamp. Zhu said that thermal effects incandescent tungsten filament light, energy-saving lamp is working like a fluorescent lamp by heating the filament emission of argon atoms and electrons collide with mercury atoms and emit ultraviolet rays, then ultraviolet excited phosphors. Thus, energy-saving lamps produce flicker light. Moreover, energy-saving lamp with high strobe is likely to produce electromagnetic radiation, which will be harmful for child's eyes after using for long time. LED light uses light-emitting semiconductor electronic effects to produce light. The light emitting device is a low-voltage DC current source, which will be less energy-saving lamps flicker and electromagnetic radiation. Therefore he recommended students use LED desk lamp instead.



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