The impact of the USA trade war on China's lighting industry

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  The impact of the American trade war on China's lighting industry



 After July 6th, 2018, American government imposed  25% sanction tariff on China’s $34 billion imported products.

 In July 10th,the Trump government posted another new target list which announced that it will impose a 10% tariff on an additional US$200 billion in Chinese exported to the US. That means, the trade war has the potential to be  further upgraded. 

 In 2017, China's LED lighting industry exports  40.88 billion US dollars in total, of which about 10 billion US dollars of lighting products exported to the United States. Among these data, the goods export to the US market accounted for 24.5% of the total export value of the industry.

 The White House post a new target list, covering 30 categories of products in the nine categories of lighting industry in China, which contains 67% of all categories exported to the US.

 Most of the products in the US government's new target list are traditional lighting products, such as various types of tungsten halogen lamps, hot cathode fluorescent lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps, ballasts for discharge lamps, lamp accessories, and various types of lighting. Lamps, etc. Some of the products in the lighting category (such as chandeliers and ceiling lamps, table lamps and bedside lamps, Christmas lamps, etc.) contain some LED lighting products. 

  At present, China is  the world's largest producer and exporter of lighting electrical products. With the technological advancement of the industry, equipment upgrades and product upgrades, the lighting products produced in China are on a cost-effective basis, and the variety and quality are constantly changing and improving.

  But if the trade war escalates, market competition and enterprise exports will encounter new pressures.





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