Lithium battery for LED Lighting

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Now on the market have different features of various LED Lighting circuit, said the next which of all kinds of LED Lighting circuit highlights and is worth using for reference of place, because generally use of lithium battery (about battery in the place of there will be detailed instructions), and batteries with section 18650 of the volume of the battery similar volume, just fine some compared.

LONEN brand recahrgeble LED emergency lamp with 1LED front light and 46SMD super brighness side light, and bult-in 1500mAh Li-ion battery, operating time up tu 2~6 hours, can be solar charge also.

If not compatible filling the lithium electricity and a charged lithium electricity must be want to consider a charged lithium electricity discharge problem, now better solution is to low voltage of when to remind not directly without electricity. 

For a period of time to remind, if not active the electricity goes off then default battery is not the rechargeable battery, you can squeeze as much as possible of all of its power. And if it is a quarter by 18650 batteries a LED lighting, its also can also use this way to compatible batteries and do it to 18650 battery discharge protection. The design of another benefit is in a crisis or to guarantee the normal LED lighting shine, such as the accident, compared with a battery of discharge, more needs urgent lighting, this time can not consider of rechargeable batteries have put and continue to use. About the double power supply system solutions it canbe a specific plan is better when input circuit into a charged lithium batteries have put the voltage, low light circuit into state, in low light state within a short time quick switch circuit several times, then start "sucked dry" battery options that suggests the use of disposable batteries is circuit.



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