Sleep and mood improvement in patients with Alzheimer's disease by LED dimming

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 Sleep and mood improvement in patients with Alzheimer's disease by LED dimming


The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Illumination Research Center of New York conducted an illumination experiment. It is pointed out that patients with Alzheimer's disease in sanatorium have the opportunity to improve their sleep and emotional problems when exposed to natural light sources. The researchers conducted experiments in 43 states for at least four weeks, 37 of them for up to half a year. According to infirmary patients' habits, researchers provide tables with LED lighting or single-room lighting. Since lighting stimulates the brain to secrete melatonin hormones and regularizes the body, more than half of patients have improved sleep disturbances and depression after the experiment.

According to statistics, there are 5.7 million people in the United States who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. In addition to thinking and memory problems, patients also have sleep disturbance, irritability, anxiety, confusion and other symptoms. Mariana Figuerio, head of the research team, said one of the reasons people with Alzheimer's disease lack self-care is because of lack of sleep and behavioral aspects. Figuerio believes that if people continue to be exposed to dark light, it can lead to a decline in sleep quality. To improve symptoms in patients with Alzheimer's, we can start by improving the quality of lighting. Figuerio also says that with advances in LED technology, it is easier to control light and the color of light. Through the light source, increase the inhibition ratio of light source to melatonin during the day, but decrease at night, so that patients can have a regular day and night rest.



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